Court Ordered Drug Testing

We offer a government approved laboratory drug test to meet the requirements of the superior court for probation, child custody, and to assist as a tool for recovery.

Tests to Meet Requirements of the Superior Court, Traffic Court, Drug Treatment Court, Juvenile Court and Drug Family Court
Drug Tests are With US Government SAMHSA Certified laboratories
NOT only a Drug test, but a Random Call-In Program to meet all requirements of the Court Order
We help you meet Random Schedule Requirements for the Duration of the Court Order
With 4000 Collection Sites Nationwide Near You

Drug Tests to Meet Requirements of the Superior Court, Traffic Court, Drug Treatment Court, Juvenile Court and Family Court.

A Random Call in Testing Program to meet all requirements of the Court Order. We help you meet Random Schedule Requirements for the Duration of the Court Order Collection Sites Nationwide.

Drug Tests are With United States  SAMHSA Certified laboratories.

Why Choose DrugTestCourt?

1. You Get More Than Just A Drug Test Government Certified Lab Drug Test
2. After You Pay $75 For Your First Test You Are Enrolled With A Random Call In Program To Help You Comply With Court Order On Your Cell Phone.
3. You go to a collection site near you via the Send us your court Order so we can help you completely via email or FAX.
4. Daily Call In To See If You Must Test To Meet Your Random Testing Obligation.
5. 4000 Drug Test Locations Nation Wide Near You On Your Cell Phone..
6. Your Call In History And All Test History Is Recorded On Your Drugtestcourt.App on our phone.  So Nothing Is Lost. If You Did It You Can Show It.
7. You share Drug Tests Results Via Email To Anyone Who You Choose Like Your Spouse, Therapist, Attorneys, Probation Managers, and the Court.

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Specializing in Drug and Alcohol Testing To Meet Requirements Of Court Orders and a Tool For Recovery

Probation Criminal Cases

The biggest incentive for crime is drug use. 90 percent of persons in prison have a drug addiction. Drug Courts and supportive therapy can reduce recidivism and future crime Drug testing is a powerful tool to discourages the use of drugs.

Child Custody

Drug and Alcohol use is a cause for family violence and for families to break up. People loose their health, their wealth and their families and children. Intervention with a follow-up program such as twelve step programs, Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous with rehabilitation and drug testing work together

DUI court

People come to the attention of the police and the courts when their use of drugs alcohol is out of control. Drug and Alcohol testing is a powerful tool along with support groups Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous to help people regain sobriety and a happy life.

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We will customize your random testing schedule to meet your court order. Email your court order after you pay for your first test to OR text to 855-822-2883

Observed Drug Tests

Observed drug tests are required to confirm that the person donating the sample is giving a sample of body fluid that leaves his body and enters the container for analysis.  Traditionally the sample for an observed drug test examination has been urine.  The observer, a same sex person, watched the sample leave the donors body and enter into the container to meet the requirements of an observed drug test. 

Now there is something new under the sun to meet the requirements of an observed drug test.  Oral fluids have been approved as evidential for meeting the requirements of being an observed drug test by the United States Department of Transportation which requires over 300,000 trucking companies to drug test their drivers.  Oral fluid observe drug tests are conducted with a sponge on a stick to soak up saliva.  When enough saliva has been collected the tip of the spong on a stick turns blue.  The process can take place in an office and a person of any sex can observe the observed drug test.  The donor does not have to take their underpants down.  No bathroom is required for an oral observed drug test.

Oral fluid observed drug tests are a tremendous boon to the ease of obtaining a sample for the transportation industry, probation clients, and people who need to provide an observed drug test to meet the requirements of the courts.

Probation Drug Test

When people who have a compulsion to use drugs or alcohol may come to the attention of the courts because of a consequence of using the substance.  Behavior can be violence, criminal acts, accidence, or disturbance of the peace and tranquility of others.

 As part of the recovery process Probation Drug Tests are required to discourage the use of the substance and to show proof and evidence that the individual under obligation to have probation drug tests is actually complying with the court order and modifying their behavior.  Probation Drug Tests do discourage the use of drugs because failure to comply with absence can have consequences. 

Court Ordered Drug Testing In Child Custody Cases

Consider the following situation.  A 48 year old man is pulled over by the police because of his observed driving and is given a ticket for DUI, Driving Under the Influence.  The gentleman’s wife was called because his 8 year old son was in the back of the car to take her son and husband home.  The wife was not happy with the behavior of her husband because it put her son in danger.  She sought legal assistance to help her with the behavior of the father of her son.   The court ordered drug testing in Child Custody Case to assure the parent would be paying attention to their substance abuse behavior.

Two things happen when a person is obligated to Court Ordered Drug Testing In Child Custody Cases.  The client is continuously reminded to modify their behavior and the people who care about the person with substance use disorder can monitor their behavior for the benefit of the client and their family.   Court ordered drug testing using oral fluids tests for current alcohol use as well as for marijuana, cocaine, all types of opiates including heroine, fentanyl, morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone, amphetamines including methamphetamines, and ecstasy. 


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